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My gift to you
Next time someone pisses you off …
Over the last few weeks my friend’s life has changed dramatically and it has also changed the way I see life. Yes, again! It seems that every day I encounter a new world, a new door and my eyes transform yet again to adjust to the new reality a new world, different from the one that was yesterday. It seems that when I think I have all the answers all the questions are changed!

Thank my lucky stars for my parents
They fed my stomach, they nurtured my soul, they cleaned my heart, and they made me believe in love. The unconditional love where forgiveness is a must and guilt is never done. Love where magic is a way of life and dreams are like the air we breath.

Marina goes skydiving
I have fulfilled a lifelong wish by jumping out of an aeroplane and my gorgeous friends and family helped me raise some money for The Starr Trust, which helps underprivileged kids reach their full potential.

Thanks everyone.

Are there any “buts” Mum?
Yesterday I went to a parents meeting for my son who is in Year 3 at school. It was when I returned home and was telling him how proud I am of his achievements that he said “ARE THERE ANY BUTS MUM?”