Live a life with exclamation marks!!!


Zest for Life routines to bring  your life to life.

Talking with some friends we all came to the conclusion that is not that people are miserable and unhappy, rather we don’t have a balanced life and as with a balance diet, we all know how important this is.

Most of us suffer from luck of me time. We don’t know the reason why we are here, or the direction to go, and we most definitely don’t have enough fun in our lives.

I believe if something is going to work for me it has to be practical, easy and effective.

So … what are the secret ingredients that I am going to reveal?

Time for me, time to serve, time to have fun.

Let me ask you something; do you put this simple rules into practice on a daily basis?

Here is the challenge, make of this words the motto of your life repeat the actions everyday until you see the results.

Time for me

This is alone time.

In the morning specially make sure you don’t rush. Wake up earlier than anybody and spend time with yourself. No noises in the background, no reading emails, phones or any other  distractions, and definitely ironing in the morning does not count as me time.

Have a cup of coffee or something warm. Do some meditation if you like or simply just be. Stare at the wall with nothing else to do and after 10 minutes of being, tune in; ask yourself this question, say your name and ask yourself, how are you today and wait … feel how that inner person is, tell him/her how much you appreciate and how much you love this being.

Fantastic! Now we have  some connection with or ourselves.

Next ask two further questions: How can I make you happy today? & What do I need to know today? Listen and go and do it.

Make some outdoors time every day. Take a stroll, do some exercise; be in contact with the nature and get some fresh air.

How precious is your time? Very precious I guess, so don’t waste it with Nay Sayers and jealous energies. Diminish watching bad TV or the constant current negative news that most of the time have been exaggerated to cause some impression.

Make sure you nourish your brain everyday with some new learning. It could be a conference you watch, reading a book, or following the people you like on media.

And absolutely must never skip breakfast or lunch; When you are about to do it ask yourself

“How important am I to me”

If I don’t make myself a priority, who will?

This is not only about eating that I adore, it is a break that we give to our brains. A lot of creative ideas and eureka moments come to us when we are not thinking about what we are so obsessed thinking about; perhaps you are eating with someone connecting for a future meeting or simply creating a relationship.

Never commit yourself to too many meetings. I was in absolutely shock when one of my clients revealed to me that he had 9 meetings a day. Most of the times not remembering to eat and even skipping going to the toilet.

If we allow this things to happen,what am I saying yes to? Am I saying I am not worth it and you can abuse me, I can take anything?

Respect yourself; make enough time between meetings, tasks, appointments. You will achieve more, more effectible without feeling  stress about it.

Don’t compromise your sleep.We work hard we run all day long we fight with time, pollution and overwhelmed people.

The least that you can do to treat yourself nicely is to respect your sleep time. Don’t watch tv, read the last email after certain  time  of the  evening and go to bed early.

Time to Serve, passion

We all feel accomplished and complete when we we serve the world by doing what we love to do.

Finding what we are good at takes sometime and exploration. When we serve others by doing a job we don’t like it does not serve anybody, not you,and not the world.

It won’t take long before you feel warn out and resented making your life and the life of those around you miserable.

Finding a meaningful work is the key for a balance life.

Ask yourself when exploring:

What makes me come alive?

What am I good at?

What the child of my dreams wished to be?

Which profession when I think of it  makes my heart sing?

What is my passion?

What  makes me want to be involved with something that energises me rather than deplete me?

What makes me feel that I am creating something needed?

When you got it, commit to it wholeheartedly. Give 120 percent with no reservations  and treat everyday as if the world today depended on you.

You might not know yet what makes you come alive and it is fine, Explore, ask for help, ask people around you what do they think is your biggest strength and they will help you find your talents and from there your passion.

On the way to find it, make mistakes. Fall and rise  until you find clarity and NEVER, NEVER give up. Always keep moving in spite of the odds. Have fun with it ,nothing works without fun and it will feel real work if you don’t.

You will find dragons and demons on the way to do what only you know best. Find support, squash these fears and self doubt, believe in yourself if you don’t who will?

No doubt, Doing what we love most takes some effort, being passionate means putting your maximum effort in everything you do, as a reward life feels easier. The feeling of being in the right place at the right time and feeling wanted, counted for.

Don’t just talk to people to create money; connect with them to create a relation ship, something that stays. Ask them how they are, smile at them, make them feel counted and show them how important they are in your life; trust them and they will trust you.

Don’t die unnoticed and give to the world what you came here to give.

Time for Fun

Are you happening to life or is life happening to you?

How much time do I spend in making myself happy?

If you love yourself enough you will find the time to do it if not you will find an excuse.

Choose to have fun on daily basis, it does not have to be expensive or time consuming .

Keep it simple and add activities to your life that bring you value.

Exercise, sing, dance, listen to  the music, read a book. Have a bath, talk to your love ones, go out with friends.

Think of everything that light you up and gives you best feelings.

Next time you make up excuses  for not adding in your life these 3 ‘Must” remind your self:

What am I saying yes to?

How important am I  to myself?

What is the message i am sending to the world and others ?

Am I happening to life or is life happening to me?

Who is in command of MY life?

Live a life with exclamation marks, bring your life back to life.