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30 Zest for Life Ideas

As I was driving home today I was pondering on how to pass to you a way of life that prepares you to deal with real life situations and still be actively engage, living life to the full with joy and passion. Never running out of fuel and jumping into action. No matter what your job is, who you are or what is your path, we all have a leader within and following its call will guarantee you easiness and peace within.

I have put together 30 zest for life ideas to live a grater life. I hope they help you to live a life full of charge and joy.

We all know, for things to happen we have to put it into action. Practice it and above all have fun with it.

Share it with your family, friends and in business as well “and what else?” nothing else let the magic do the rest …


Never go out without your essentials. Fun is good for the heart stop the run and start the fun.


Life is like a boomerang choose what you throw out there,surely it will come back.Make sure it does not hit you in the butt.


“Thank you” the abracadabra word. The more grateful you are the more you receive.


Do I have time for bullshit? Ask yourself this question everyday and bring out your authentic self.


Trust your guts, they know best!


If you have to force it…it does not fit. Apply it to relationships,business and a pair of jeans.


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It took the cat on many awesome adventures.


Are you scared? It is time to jump!


If the glass is empty, fill it up! Nobody is going to it for you.


You can only move on and succeed if you are at peace. Make peace with your personal history.


Being happy with yourself is more important than others being happy with you.


The grass is not greener on the other side, water your grass and it will be green too.


The secret to a good sleep is remembering your family and friends, they are like food plant to ourselves.


It is okay not to be perfect and acceptance is the key for your inner peace.


Practise what you preach.


Watch your surroundings, your daily dose of wisdom might be in the homeless, in a plant, in the cleaner, in the park.


Don’t forget to invest in yourself. Every day feed your inner-self. Read a book, go outdoors have a bath and have a laugh. Do something that gives you pleasure.


If they are not robots, they are people treat them as such.


Our biggest regrets is not what we did and went wrong. It is what we did not do. Always do it!


Don’t be your biggest thief. “Live your dreams”


It is all in the bank! Your memory bank. Make sure you make good memories for the later days.


Always carry your smile. A warm and honest smile can melt the coldest icebergs.


Never forget your origins, a chosen amnesia can take you to an un-chosen dementia.


Mind, heart, body and soul are attached whether you like it or not. It is your primary job to look after all of them.


Don’t sell, connect and the rest will happen by itself.


Be compassionate! let them criticise you, is a job for them to do.There is nothing more lethal  than a bore mind.


Words are powerful, choose them well!


Don’t be a looser, be a chooser!


What is life without passion? Bring your passion to the game.


Tap into your source of daily inspiration. Music is like chicken soup to the soul.