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About Me

Marina Fernández Julián

Described as the sunny lady and a real energy force with an unshakable zest for life!

I am a Zest for Life Coach, a connector and helper dedicated to guide you and reignite the zest for life in you. Raised in Granada, Spain in a very boisterous family, I am one of six, at the age of 25 I left home looking for dreams and adventures. Always a happy girl, I took life as it comes.

When I left home, I felt I did not fit in, as people would not resonate with my passion for living and zest for life, YES, I like Mondays. I started to follow the rest and before I knew I was suppressing that inner happiness within me to accommodate others. As a result of life’s experiences, I disconnected, locking myself with unresolved pains. I was very unhappy.

I lost my spark, my zest for life. It was then that I had a wake up call, and coming back to myself was the only way out. We humans are built to be happy and fulfilled; we all have that zest for life within us. We have the qualities to take life as it comes. Watch any child in this world learning how to walk; have you ever seen a child giving up walking because he fell? No, we all walk, we believe in ourselves! It is negative patterns and certain surroundings that change who we are by repeating it and hammering it in our head until we believe in it, finally forgetting who we are.

  • I am an NLP trainer/faciliator
  • NLP master practitioner
  • Coach in advance executive skills
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