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Gratiude Wall

Marina Zest for Life as a brand would not exist without the love and encouragement of many beautiful people in my life. My gratitude goes first to my family that put up with me on a daily basis and they are my everything. Also thank you to:

Amas- Active Minds and Souls

Inspiring children to take ownership of their own mental wellbeing

Paul Shepperd, The mindset Change Coaching and therapy podcast

Paul is a dynamic coach who hosts a fabulous podcast which is full of wisdom, golden nuggets, and superb meditations that I have been doing. Check it out 

Francesca Hampton

A dear friend and client that believed in my skills and slowly but surely made sure I made this happen, an inspiration for me and even better a friend. She put sense to my words and connected me with many of my existing clients.

Hannah Havas

My mentor, the person that came out with the words: “Marina, it is your unique zest for life”, and at that moment the brand was born. She shares with me insights and exercises and her soft and gentle soul can coach you like no other (I really mean it) while having fun too. I have learnt a huge amount from you.

Darren Abrahams

At various parties, you took the time and care of making me see clarity in what I desired and opened the door of determination to me.

Julie Parkin (07796 792187)

My beauty therapist and my many other things. You know more about me than me. Many lives ago now, in a time when I lost myself and my health, you brought me back to life in a physical sense and reminded me how special I am and that I have a mission in life.

Csilla Toth

A client, a friend, and the person that reminds me to acknowledge all parts of my body with her incredible massages. Let’s be on the inside out like the outside in.

My friends Sharon and Clare

Who hear me endlessly talking about how great life is and my crazy ideas, always there to encourage me, support me and have fun with me.

Eva, Yolanda, Eva, Inma, Javier

The essence of my life, unconditionally supporting and genuinely happy for my success.

Mel Pledger

You opened the door so that all my treasure could pour out, thank you.


You made me see that I am complete and to love the 1000 Marinas living inside me.

Kerry Richardson


My website designer and friend, the first time I caught a glimpse of you I knew we did not need to speak a lot or to become  best friends to feel a special bond for each other; I feel you know exactly what I like, without me telling you.


If you have a small or big drawing or painting or anything that you like to have commissioned Lisa can deliver excellence in many different forms. 

Illustrations with simplicity, space for reflection,

The reality is that I could fill up 100 more pages and still be short for I feel immensely grateful to life and to many people that I have not mentioned here.

We have to end somewhere; remember, all my clients and anybody who has passed by my life you all mean the world to me and I have learned tons through you. Marina would not be Marina without you.

With love and gratitude.