Illustrations with simplicity, space for reflection,

Lisa drew beautiful illustrations for my book with a specific intention. I love to celebrate the magnificent illustrations, they are excellent in a way that they convey exactly what I wanted for this book. Simplicity, space for reflection, an opportunity to put yourself in the character or drawings shoes and be there. And not least a way of tapping into your inner child, as it is the child in us that learns.

A perfect opportunity for learning, I thought. Learning can happen in much more ways than we think, drawings have a certain magic in them and just like songs they can influence your energy and what you can do. 

Lisa is a magnificent listener who will spare all the time in the world until you get exactly what you want. After my first conversation with Lisa, I knew exactly what I wanted, how I wanted and why I wanted it. Everything in this book is intentional and lots of love and time was poured there. 

Then I totally trusted her experience and expert eye and let go for her to do whatever she understood from our conversation. And there it is, in a form of excellence for this book . She did a smashing job.

Take time to contemplate these pictures and don’t underestimate the power of its simplicity. Observe and allow them to do their work for a few minutes, explore what happens within you and what emotions or feelings they provoke in you. 

If you have a small or big drawing or painting or anything that you like to have commissioned Lisa can deliver excellence in many different forms. 

If you are curious to see some more or know more about what’s inside this book ……

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