The kitchen… where dreams are met with action

Kitchens are the heart of lots of houses. We relax, love, mend the world, share, and connect there.

The kitchen is also the place where I know I am going to find my mum. She is a powerful energy who has influenced my life. A person who would show up and make things happen in a flash, however, it did not always happen for her. Not because of lack of power, but because she did not have the many choices, awareness or tools I have. With a full-time job and six children, she found cooking her way of self-expression and her kitchen the meeting point for her large family and friends.

Influenced by the power of my mum’s kitchen, it was while I was playing with a toy kitchen at the age 5 or 6 years old that I made the decision that was going to be pivotal for my future mission. There in the solitude of my patio, while sitting on a step, I made a choice and perhaps my first out loud statement: I am worth an amazing life; a life of comfort, meaning, joy and love. I can make a lot of wonderful things happen for me and others. And so, these days, whenever I can, I am coaching and training clients from my kitchen.

And if you have read my book, balance living a life true to yourself, you know by now that the story is also set in my kitchen.

Why the kitchen?

I love that my kitchen is the space where individuals make conscious choices to take actions that support the life they want to live. It is after all a place where we relax, let go and enjoy.

It is also a nod to my mum, a recognition of her power, so that she knows that Kitchens can be magical after all! And so it is here, that many find their inner powers. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a kitchen, it can get to places that offices can’t .