10 actions to bring back the sparkle

If you think you are struggling to find yourself, turn your inner sparkle on.

Follow these 10 actions to bring back that sparkle. 

  • Discard your misperceptions of how things should be or are. Don’t be ashamed to wear what you want. Red shoes, tattoos, or pink hair regardless of your age or social status. Bring individuality to the table.
  • Stop being jerked like a puppet. Don’t allow others define what is normal for you. Define your normal.
  • Strengthen your boundaries by not allowing what is not negotiable in your life anymore.
  • Don’t waste your time proving your worth, instead, remind yourself daily that you are important.
  • Don’t be scare to scream at a given time, show your emotions. Don’t diminish your light, be real, be human.
  • Don’t feel guilty, it is a worthless emotion that does not take you anywhere.
  • Stop assuming that things are one way, or another, instead play big.
  • Feel proud of being a woman, say yes to the pleasures of life and the female you are.
  • See things are they are, we are different. Children are not adults; women are not men and men are not women it does not matter how much the world changes. It is these differences that make us who we are.
  • Don’t be other than who you are, in this case a powerful woman with lots to say, a lot to give and a lot to take, someone not afraid of her power.

Increase that power by adding zest to your life and remember that those watching will follow you. Your children will copy you and the women around you will be empowered to shine brighter because you are choosing this for yourself and for them.

In conclusion, shine bright, act big and celebrate your differences instead of unifying what is not possible, give each other what the other one does not have.

This is doing something about it and what it means driving Your life.

As I always say… I invite you to act now, because if you don’t do it now, when?

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash