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Embrace irresistible change

Reset, Activate, Maximise

Welcome, your transformative journey starts here. I am Marina, a guide on your journey to unlock your full potential.

Together, we cultivate balance, focus, strength, and adaptability, fostering a deeper connection between your mind, body, and soul. Embrace growth and curiosity to align, reset, activate and maximize your life.

Join me in embracing irresistible change on the path fulfilling your true potential.


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Experience the perfect fusion of NLP and coaching to achieve self-excellence in both your personal and professional life.


Cultivate new habits, skills, and behaviours that resonate with the most authentic version of yourself.



Build empowering habits and systems that uplift your life.


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Let me introduce myself, face to face




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Living a Life True to Yourself

Have you ever wondered how your life might change if you knew how to maximise your potential?


In Balance, author Marina Fernández Julián invites you to go on a journey and explore how to live in a way that’s true to you. It’s a call to action to wake up and make the most of your life.

By releasing limiting beliefs and the shackles of social conditioning, you’ll rediscover your personal freedom and the essence of who you are, making it possible for you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Balance - Living a Life True to Yourself - Marina Fernandez Julian

As Seen In

Darren Fell

Darren Fell

Possibly the best personal training programme I have ever done. Whether it personal or to tune yourself up for business, Marina is amazing at identifying key sticking points and providing the right tools for it. I enjoyed the programme so much I'm booking in the next!

-Darren Fell , Founder & CEO at Crunch.co.uk

Nina Buttle

Nina Buttle

I have done a few sessions with Marina both for myself and my teenage son. I cannot recommend her enough! She has a unique ability to connect with anyone and get to their individual motivators, pressure points or stress factors very fast, providing food for thought, insight and head space to find your path and the courage to follow it.

-Nina Buttle , Partner - Page Executive Financial Services & ESG

Maria Coronado Robles

Maria Coronado Robles

I had the priviledge to meet Marina last year, where I started my path towards self-discovery and personal growth. As a client who has benefited immensely from her sessions, I truly recommend her to anyone seeking for support and empowerment to embrace life changes. She is passionate and vibrant, she radiates inspiration and positivity and, what I love the most from her, is her ability to connect with you in a deep and meaninful level to uncover the root causes of the challenges you face, while igniting you with a sense of purpose and motivation. What sets Marina apart is her sunny personality and natural intuition alongside her unique approach to coaching. She encurages you to listen to your instincts and inner voice in a very safe and nurtiring environment that fosters trust and self-reflection. She makes you feel completely at ease opening up your thoughts and emotions and allowing vulnerability and healing to take place…. We have walked, drawn, laughed and also shed tears together! Each session is a new and enriching experience, so be ready for that!

-Maria Coronado Robles , Global Head Sustainability Insights

Sylvie (Condette) Barr FRSA

Sylvie (Condette) Barr FRSA

'If not now, when?' A simple, yet profound question that you'll be asked by Marina when you work with her. Combining powerful coaching techniques with her own life experiences, Marina will quickly get to what needs to be addressed for you flourish and grow. With her sunny personality and tremendous generosity, she will help you find your sparkle and regain the zest for life that has become her trademark.

-Sylvie (Condette) Barr FRSA , www.holisto.uk

Michael Rennie

Her style is full on and infectious

I cannot recommend Marina highly enough as someone who has benefitted and continues to benefit from her coaching daily. Her style is full on and infectious and she really challenges you to stop and think and change your approach. As much as you may feel you know better, once you embrace her methods the changes in your life are immense. Marina was recommended to me by another client of hers when I needed to rebalance myself. I had always wondered how my colleague had handled herself so well through the constant challenges and pressure we were facing. Once I learned the methods and approaches, it was easy to spot her putting them into play and being able to react alongside her. Marina completely changed my thought process and approach to both my work and personal life, so much so that I used her techniques with both my daughters as well. You will slip back every now and again and Marina is always on hand to drop you a quick message acknowledging and reaffirming or challenging so you quickly right the ship. Marina loves life and she embodies that thoroughly and will change your life if you let her.

-Michael Rennie , Chief Operating Officer (SMF24) at Cynergy Bank

Yo la llamo mi “Hada madrina”

Yo la llamo mi "Hada madrina"

Marina me enseñó técnicas, me dio pautas a seguir. Me ayudó a saber lo que quería ,me reforzó como persona .... Y mi vida empezó a cambiar. Me empecé a querer más y mejor ,ahora me aceptó con mis defectos ,que son muchos y mis virtudes que son muchas también. Aprendo de todo ,volví a sonreír y a ser alegre ,mi niña interior seguía ahí . También tengo bajones ,pero cuando eso sucede tiro de mis recursos : sus técnicas , las pautas y de la meditación las aprendí con ella .Yo la llamo mi "Hada madrina" Cambio mi vida .... Gracias por ser y estar Marina--

-Toni Naranjo Martin

Aimee Sullivan

I love myself again

When I first came to Marina, as a young woman I was struggling with low self-esteem and periods of anxiousness. Throughout the course of Marina’s sessions, I have found an incredible improvement in my self-confidence, resilience and drive in life. All of which will benefit me in the future when dealing with stressful situations in both work and home environments. Thank you, Marina, for helping me to love myself again!! — con Marina Fernandez

-Aimee Sullivan , Psychologist graduate

Marina has given us the courage to make some very difficult business decisions

Marina has given us the courage to make some very difficult business decisions

At Indigo have been working with Marina for the past year and she has helped us to transform our business. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is very infectious and has given us the courage to make some very difficult business decisions. Working with Marina is always fun and having worked with both our Managing Director and our Senior Managers she is now using her magic to strengthen team commitment further down the organisation. We thoroughly recommend Marina Zest for Life.

-Teresa Noon , MD, Indigo Tax

Senior Manager

I feel in control

The coaching I received from Marina was not what I was expecting at all, in a good way. It has helped me to see things clearer and become more grounded. In my professional life it has helped me to focus on what I can control rather than areas completely outside my control. Personally it has taught me that it isn’t wrong to sometimes put myself first, that this isn’t a selfish thing to do. Since the coaching I feel in control, and probably my biggest achievement has been in a personal weight loss journey, where I have lost 4stone, to date. I believe that a big part of this has been the self belief that Marina has installed in me ‘That I am worth!’

-Sonia, Senior Manager , Accountant

Kathy Chapman

I now feel so much lighter

Marina helped me to pinpoint behaviour patterns that were subconsciously causing me a problem and then supported me in going more deeply into these. As a result, I now have tools to address these, as and when they come up. Marina helped me to shift some emotions that I had been stuck with for a long time and I now feel so much lighter for releasing these. Marina has a very gentle and caring way of coaching and is very good at supporting you when addressing things that may have been buried for a long time. She is a fun loving and experienced coach and I would recommend you spend time in her presence.

-Kathy Chapman , Operations Manager

Francesca Hampton

My strength is within me

My strength is within me and doesn't come from anyone's approval or anything material. I've learned to trust myself , listen to my inner needs and love my whole self including all my faults. I can take a moment whenever I need to release the positive energy I need to deal with daily challenges and live a happy life .

-Francesca Hampton , CFO

Darren Fell

Realisation after realisation

Creating multi million pound start-ups from scratch and taking them through to a successful exit is a perfect recipe to fall apart as a human being. Marina is the soul glue to keep you on track and thoroughly enjoying your life. Beyond recommended.

-Darren Fell , Founder, Pure360.com founder/ Ceo crunch.co.uk

Basia Newson-Smith

Marina, helped me find myself again

There’s truly nothing more empowering than rediscovering one’s own power. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you are amazing.

-Basia Newson-Smith , Optometrist

Jane Thompson

I have the power

I am so pleased that I am still experiencing the joy and clarity that has come with realising and believing that I have the power to lead the life I want

-Jane Thompson , Director

Csilla Toth

I am able to trust

I am able to receive and spread limitless love; I am able to trust and believe myself. I feel safe and balanced. I am calm, relaxed and powerful beyond measure.

-Csilla Toth , Coach

Claire Harding

Confident and effective decisions

Marina was caring and encouraging and to this day our friendship is so strong…I would recommend this to anyone I love and care for.

-Claire Harding

Eva Cuenca

"Now, I choose myself"

Thank you Marina, for the tools and time you invested in me, I know they have opened a door of many possibilities and appreciation.

-Eva Cuenca , Psychologist