9 steps to moving on with grace

9 steps to moving on with grace after the summer.

The air is changing and we are still finding it difficult to move on after the summer’s bliss. Below is what I feel helped me gain my focus quickly and made me feel that I am always in the right place.

There is nothing like a sense of purpose to help me feel the fire in my belly, to make me feel I am  in the right place, doing what I came here to do, to be my best! Remind yourself: what am I best at? How can I serve? Help? What can I provide to society, why am I needed?

As I reflect on my summer I appreciate what a lucky person I am. I revised what I have experienced and I feel grateful I had an awesome summer. I also feel grateful if I have had a bad experience as I see that something needs to change.

It is time to move on and open a new door, accept the changes and be flexible enough to embrace them with the eyes of a curious child. The more resistance the longer I will be in the same place. Saying yes, to life is saying yes to joy. Bring it on!

Commitment is accepting responsibility for whom I am. Who I want to be and what I am going to do to make it happen. It is also taking the time and the care to live with passion  and give myself permission to fly, to have fun, to try things and to make mistakes.

The summer is over, we have been splashing out in different ways and it’s time to remind ourselves to stay humble, to stay real. Time to dig again and do some planting not only at  home,  also in your soul. Stay real, stay grounded and you will feel at peace with everything you see.

Authenticity is mindfully practising wholehearted living. Are you living  for who you are? Did you come back home thinking, you are with the wrong partner, the wrong job or simply feeling that something is wrong? Perhaps everything is right, yet you don’t feel the joy you would like to?  Acknowledge the cracks of the foundation of your life  and aim for a better one; the life that you deserve, not the one you did not choose.
How much time do you have left? We don’t know, we had better start having fun now, just in case.

Did you follow your heart this summer?
How did it go? it was fun wasn’t it? That gut feeling never let you down.Follow your heart it knows it all.Tune in with your intuition you will appreciate it when is dark.

Fear is normal and it will stay in our lives to a major or minor degree as long as we live. Develop resilience to fear  by practising courage. How? By taking baby steps towards that  goal, making SELF TRUST AND FAITH the mantras of your life. Can you imagine how many steps you have moved forward by next summer?

Clean your  home, give it love and nurture it. Our houses also have souls, and so the offices, the cars and pretty much any space where we have been. Move furniture around, throw things away, change wardrobes. Give away unwanted things to those in need. Renew yourself, a change of look perhaps. More time for walks and personal pampering. Choose how you can renew yourself and how you can achieve it without burning out soon, be real. Always baby steps and increase that love for yourself.

Gift yourself some time. Most of the time people fail to accomplish their dreams not because they can’t accomplish them, rather because they give up very quickly. Everything that is worth having, takes time.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Build your self- discipline and if you give up in no time, it was never your dream, it was just a whim.
Till next time with Love and Gratitude.

-Marina Zest for Life –