Hello September, let the year begin. My clean start!

My fresh, clean, start

This morning as I was reading my daily intake of super energised and inspiring  people I follow on Facebook, there was one post that caught my attention. It was a post about  the month of September and how this positive person disliked it so much. Perhaps it reminds us that the holiday’s are over; the routine starts, payments, letters and to do lists waiting for us.

Honestly, if we we look at it this way, who wants to open the door to September?

Let me show  you how I see it and hopefully you will start seeing September with fresh eyes.

For me, September is like the New Year, it is a month for renewal with more benefits than January, because we feel bloated from excessive eating and penniless from shopping extravaganzas, exhausted from all the family gatherings. There so much pressure to keep the New Year resolutions; to sign to new courses, exercises, the list is endless. Let’s go back to September!

Thanks to the weather we are full of sunshine and are rested having read a book or two, we have been to the beach or to the park, we have all had that opportunity to recharge ourselves, in one way or another.

In September, we feel much lighter, happier and full of energy. Drinks, barbecues, children, friends and families have visited us or we have visited them. Perhaps we had the chance to go sightseeing and see some of natures beauty.

This is a month of gratitude, renewal, acceptance, commitment, being grounded and staying in tune with ourselves.

Perhaps some of you have come back with a revelation and realised you are in the wrong job or in the wrong relationship. Well, it is a time for authenticity too, a perfect time to ditch the mask, be resilient to fear and courage. Did you attempt to do something daring and you realised that you were scared and backed out? Are you thinking “next year I will do it without a doubt”, is it time for a fresh courageous new you.

I visualise  this month as taking my hands out of a cold, clear, beautiful river, it feels crisp, yet not painful, clean and full of light, nothing to hide. I call it My Clean Start. The butterflies remind us that change is on the horizon, we get to enjoy amazing sunsets and some needed rain too.

The children go back to the school, full of anticipation to see their friends and hundreds of stories to tell. For those of you who spend the summer at home, your house is full of energy now it can do with some proper pampering after so much life going through it. For the ones who spend our summers abroad, our homes feel empty and sad. The plants are sulking, smells a bit strange and the spiders have taken over. Time to seriously restore the energy and soul of our homes. It’s time to love and to give. 

I could go on and on with lots of different examples, I’ll let you do that instead, find all the new things that you can do to start afresh.

Remember, it is harvest time, take home what you planted. What have you planted? If you like it, plant more and if you don’t it’s time to plant something new. Don’t expect miracles you are the miracle maker.

Put your ingredients in the pot and add some of Marina’s Zest for life special spices; a big spoon of passion and dollop of commitment. Joy, gratitude and a whole glass of fun. Cook it very, very slowly and you will have the most amazing miracle in front of you.

Watch out it is spicy, only for those who feel they deserve better.

Look out for my next article as I will be extending on the key words mention above.

Until then happy September, let’s make it a month of miracles.

– Marina Zest For Life-