A fudge year for all of us

Hi There,  I could not wait to talk to you and somehow when I checked the day was gone. Before I knew, long time has passed by. What is going with me that I have been absent for a while here, have I forgotten about you? Not...

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Living unapologetically happy

Back from a very relaxing summer, I have notice how difficult it is for all of us to relax, let our hair down and fully enjoy what is given and at hand. We live on half gas, thinking everything good, is bad. Even the simplest...

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The elephant with the rope around his ankle

Some friends and I met someone at the weekend and as we got talking,  he told us that he was a painter and decorator that likes rugby.  After our conversation I felt that he was a rugby player that gave up on his dream and decided...

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The space to be yourself

January can feel daunting for many. We have finished with the holiday fun and many have started resolutions and diets. New goal setting and new exercises regimes. Tons of delayed emails to deal with and appointments to go to. By now many are starting to...

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Stop the run and start the fun

Evolution takes transformation, and also time to invest in ourselves. We all love changes; the new regime, new gadgets, new shoes, new creams and if they provide us with fast results even better. Well, if we want our lives to change for the better, FACING THE TRUTH...

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Fear, fear no more
It is often said that the biggest epidemic for humans and their dreams is fear. What is the first thing we do when we feel fear? We fight, and of course like a swing, it fights us back.