Fear, fear no more

It is often said that the biggest epidemic for humans and their dreams is fear. What is the first thing we do when we feel fear? We fight, and of course like a swing, it fights us back.

I don’t fight it any more, in fact I have reconciled with it for I have realized that it was fear that saved me many times. It was fear that warned me not to put the fingers inside the electric plug, not to swallow my brother’s marble. It was fear that saved me from jumping in that man’s car and warned me not to jump in the river with the strong current. Yes, fear is our big bodyguard trying to protect us!

Somehow that inner voice quieting down and eventually disappears, letting creativity, passion and bravery take place,

In the mean time lets embrace all of our emotions. We are complete only when we accept ourselves; the whole package! Not only what we like to see or hear, but the two sides. Yin and Yang. Darkness and Light. Tears and Laughter. This way we are complete and we can live our FULL selves as we celebrate our wholeness.

Now I am grateful to fear and I accept it as one more of my many emotions and I appreciate it. It is okay to feel fear and when I feel it now, I listen to it and then I say “Thank you fear, I am listening and I am grateful that you are here to help me, however today, I choose not to listen to you; I am fine, and I trust everything will be okay. Please come back whenever you feel I need to hear you”.