The ecstacy of life

Talking to a client after a light up session, she described how she felt by saying “I feel as if I have just taken an ecstacy (E-tablet). My senses have heightened, they have increased!”

I found it very interesting to say the least, as this is exactly how I felt when I had my own Light-Up experience.  So I did some research in Google and this is what I found. Ecstasy symptoms are:

  • Extreme mood lift
  • Increase willingness to communicate
  • Increase energy (stimulation)
  • Ego softening
  • Feelings of comfort, belonging, and closeness to others
  • Feeling of love and empathy
  • Forgiveness
  • Profound life changing
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Fear dissolution
  • Urge to hug and kiss.

I nearly cried! She has put into words the powerful feelings that I felt and I could not express. Rushes of serotonins gushing down my body feeling more alive than ever.

“Yes! I am a drug-addict (a light addict) I have always been!” Life is my drug. I take it every day and I am not planning to give up. After all it only has one side effect, a big one though. The I AM. The acceptance of myself, the knowing who I am and my immense power. The realization that I am not alone, I have ME. That I am not scared, I have ME. That I am heard by ME. That validation starts from within and that being scared is part of the past. The acceptance of love and being loved, to love others and, most importantly, to love myself.

If you can put up with the side effects I highly recommend a daily dose of LIFE.

  • The drug of love
  • The drug of life
  • The drug of light.