Next time someone pisses you off …

Over the last few weeks my friend’s life has changed dramatically and it has also changed the way I see life. Yes, again! It seems that every day I encounter a new world, a new door and my eyes transform yet again to adjust to the new reality a new world, different from the one that was yesterday. It seems that when I think I have all the answers all the questions are changed!

This friend has gone through life, facing horrific events one after another. Rather than reporting them, screaming, kicking and swearing them out she has been giving certain emotions home without her realizing. One day she just woke up  flooded with unresolved emotions and unexpressed truths; finally feeling exhausted beyond comprehension.

Now she is in a psychiatric hospital or “loony bin” as she calls it.

Absolutely all our emotions are necessary to keep our humanness; this is what differentiates us from other beings. Getting angry and letting the steam out is a very important way of exploring what is happening at that given time and if we are to forgive and move on. Nothing replaces the freedom that we feel when we swear, cry, scream, and stamp. No, the problem won’t go away however, our emotions won’t get blocked, this is a huge stumbling block to overcome for many.

Researchers say that people who swear a lot are happier and more honest and freeing than those who don’t. Trust me when I tell you that letting out the steam is not one of the issue I have to work on. I roar, I roar so loud till there is nothing left and then peace comes back again to my world, my smile is back and I am ready to move on.

There she is, a fully normal person unable to leave this place until she lets it all out, until she roars so loudly that she looses her voice for a week and her emotions return.

They called it depression and I say, should it not be called repression instead?

Isn’t it sad that we spend our lives wearing a mask, pretending being who we are not, letting fear take over our lives, suppressing, repressing our voices our bodies to accommodate others.

We wear straits jackets all our lives and we have the irony to call crazy to the ones that have the courage to take it off. Who is crazy?

It is time we change the rules for new ones, and accept our humanness in all forms celebrating life, reality as it is. Real means, light and dark. Moon and sun, day and night.

We are perfectly imperfect to the eyes of others as soon as they see our so-called flaws. I say “hang on a second” my anger, my frustration my temper and my sadness are also perfect elements to my human nature. Yes, I am perfect; you are perfect we are designed perfectly, not glitched.

Let’s change the world around us! We can, we still can. Let’s take our straits jackets off and celebrate who we are. Let’s break the walls of this looney house called the outside world.

Depression, repression is what drives the world at the moment.

I am not telling you to randomly swear at people. I am inviting you to swear when you have to.

Scream to the air, to the world, to the wall. Not choosing a victim; it is your anger not theirs. Focus on yourself, give yourself help by filling up your lungs with air and roar. Roar like a lion. It feels so good, so liberating so necessary.

It is our search for fake perfection that makes us believe we are imperfect. Media hammers it in our heads day after day till we end up believing in it, finally forgetting who we are to the point that we easily use our accusing finger to put others down too if they don’t follow.

Next time that you feel flat, empty, and sad, anxiety or nothing, feel as if you are holding back your desires and your impulses, feel as if you are holding back your true nature, suppressing and repressing your being, LET OUT THAT ROAR! It’s a much better choice than the so-called ‘loony bin’. Although she says that the attention and care is really nice, a visit there has massive consequences. From loosing “friends” to losing contracts to finally giving up due to exhaustion and loosing yourself.


My advice? Next time someone pisses you off, treat yourself to some kindness and tell them to F**k off.