Thank my lucky stars for my parents

They fed my stomach, they nurtured my soul, they cleaned my heart, and they made me believe in love. The unconditional love where forgiveness is a must and guilt is never done. Love where magic is a way of life and dreams are like the air we breath.

Over the years talking to different people of many nationalities, races and, cultures I have come to realize what special parents I have. These two magical beings with their good and their bad have always being my pillars, the strong foundation where I stand. Always ready to help, to give, to accept. To hear you even when they don’t like what they hear. Most times they had to change their minds sets.

I thank my lucky stars, that must be many, for my blessings are countless.

Hands on in the house best counsellors for my kids, knowing when to hold the space for you when marital issues appear and you don’t even have to speak. They are just there, there for you. They know how to fix thing, straighten things, put everything in its place and leave the drama for another day.

I heard my mother saying once that she loves her grandchildren even more than her own children. Is that possible? If it is, my kids are lucky because they have and endless amount of love to be nurture with. The whole animal kingdom protecting them. A whole battalion making sure they are safe. They are not leaving cottages, holiday houses or expensive shares. They are leaving me other wealth and immeasurable wealth and I feel rich, very rich.

Today is a day to say thank you to you both. Thank you for the freedom you gave me, for allowing me to be myself and have my own voice. Thank you for not wanting me to be like you, rather better than you. Thank you for teaching me how to express my emotions, something most people can’t. For leaving the door open yet the nest ready for when I return. Thank you for trusting me, even when at times I have embarked on some crazy adventure.

I will give all that back to my kids and grand kids. For all that today I thank my lucky stars that must be many for my blessings are countless.