Stop the run and start the fun

Stop the run and start the fun

Evolution takes transformation, and also time to invest in ourselves.

We all love changes; the new regime, new gadgets, new shoes, new creams and if they provide us with fast results even better.

Well, if we want our lives to change for the better, FACING THE TRUTH more that seeking it ….this is the answer.

The fairy is not coming to the rescue, we are that fairy!

More often than not we don’t like to hear the truth or we’re not ready to face it, we keep putting it off, thinking it will buy us some time and we will figure it out and have the answer by the time we have to take any dreaded decision.

Of course life is not like that, so far from reality………Not only do we not figure it out, we are never ready to take the decision that WE KNOW, IS THE RIGHT ONE.
We get weaker mentally and physically and then lost. Before we know it time has taken over and we are at the end of our lives with full of regrets, resentments and scars or what is worse, we have probably also ruined the life of our children, parents, friends, employees and pretty much anyone who loved us or we loved.


We don’t need no gurus, and yet we all need support. We are all learning.

Yes, we may need that push to take that dreaded step that we know is so right for us.

Stop running from the truth!
Stop all the activity right now!
Breath in and out few times.
Ask yourself…… when was the last time I was honest with myself?
or as a matter of fact when was the last time I listened to my inner voice?

What is your inner-self telling you right now?
Listen farther……… and hear today’s message.

Inner-growth can feel very scary (most of the time is fun ).Trust me, not searching within is even scarier.

BE HONEST, it is time to face the dragons, time to stop running, time to accept the support of your inner self. This is the only real home you are ever going to have, and the never failing support.

If you lost everything in your life your family, belongings… Tell me the only thing that would never fail to support you….. Good guess……yourself!

Don’t be scare of the changes!
Nothing changes overnight anyway.
No miracles remedies, no magic creams.

Changing is a gradual thing and most of the time is fun. It might be negative at the start, turning into positives in no time at all, ending in who you really are.

Replace the Run for Fun!
Face the truth
Listen to yourself
Ask somebody to push you or jump
Don’t be scare, it could be fun.
Stop the thinking and just be.
Trust, be patient.

Surely this is an easy list in compare with what we do everyday on our daily lives to survive the race for one more day.