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My New Year’s Message

My New Year’s Message

In the month of beginning STOP you can not start what you have not STOP, you can also read most post here: http://marinazestforlife.com/my-new-years-message/

Posted by Marina ZEST for LIFE on Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year’s messages are usually about starting, about beginnings, setting fresh, new goals but my message is … STOP!

Don’t put your life and your happiness in the hands of others.

Don’t put it on the world or in the hands of your parents, your husband, your children or your friends.

You hold the key ………and only you can unlock that door.

Don’t put your life on hold, this is not a test run.

Stop living in apathy, waiting for something to happen. You are what is happening and time waits for no one.

Stop living by the standards of others. Stop trying to be perfect, you are already perfect, but not that kind of perfect!

Stop trying to hold it all together sooner or later that shit is going to eat you alive. Stop pleasing everyone at the cost of forgetting who you are.

Stop allowing others to manipulate you or what is worse stop manipulating yourself.

Stop being a super hero, trying to save everyone. There are no such a things as super powers. You are that power use it to save yourself.

People don’t need super heroes. They need your humanness, REALNESS.

They need YOU! Your raw, beautiful and sometimes messy you.

Stop apologising for breathing as if you are in someone elses space in this life. This is your space, your time, your life.

Stop asking for forgiveness for not running at 100 miles per hour.

Stop being last and be first; nobody will show you respect if you can’t respect yourself.

I know New Year’s messages are about starting, about beginnings, setting fresh, new goalsbut my message is:


You can never start if you have never stopped!

Marina ?