The space to be yourself

January can feel daunting for many. We have finished with the holiday fun and many have started resolutions and diets. New goal setting and new exercises regimes. Tons of delayed emails to deal with and appointments to go to. By now many are starting to feel reality creeping in. Others will keep going on their adrenals until their bodies put them in the right place and force them to slow down.

Is a reality- “if you treat me bad I treat you worse” your body says .

Instead make January the perfect moth for clearing and de-cluttering.

From the Christmas tree to the the unwanted emails, going through an entire range such us: unwanted clothing and things that somebody can make a good use of, give them free.

Unhealthy meetings that are empty of love and connection.

De-clutter your life of toxic relationships, unhealthy food, negative thoughts.
De-clutter from a too busy schedule and keep it simple realistic and feasible .
Replace your ‘to-do’ list for ‘to-choose’ list.
Replace … I have to do this … with … I fancy to doing this.
Simply say “no thank you”

Free your home, your mind and your body and you will have more time to free to your soul.

NOW –  You see space and clarity
NOW –  You have time to play
NOW –  You have time for yourself
NOW –  You feel less weight
NOW –  You feel like a new- self
NOW –  You feel more present
NOW –  You feel more joy
NOW –  You are beginning to be yourself!