A fudge year for all of us

Hi There, 

I could not wait to talk to you and somehow when I checked the day was gone. Before I knew, long time has passed by.

What is going with me that I have been absent for a while here, have I forgotten about you? Not a chance. At the contrary, I had you more present than ever, but before I get into details I would love to know, how are you? 

Call me, text me or email me if you need to offload, I am always here for you, pandemic or not.


I am not going to ask you how is the ‘new normal’ going on for you, as there is nothing normal in what we are doing, and anyhow what is normal? What I know is that we have been deprived of a fundamental I would say for me need, LOVE AND PHYSICAL TOUCH. Not being able to touch those who we love for sure it is tough on all of us. 

Without a doubt this year has been a fudge year for all of us. What do I mean when I say Fudge Year? Sorry fudge lovers, I don’t mean to spoil your treat but, whenever I have fudge it sticks to the roof of my mouth and it takes me hours to get rid of it.  Even after brushing my teeth I find remaining’s and stickiness in my mouth; like a sealant I can’t get rid of for some time. 

Somehow, I feel It is going to take a long time before we can erase this year’s Loses, pains and sufferings. What is surprising is that in spite of the many setbacks, I have had had a relatively good year. I have not lost anyone which is what matters, and I am lucky to have a very close network of family and friends, even when I could not see them. Crazy to say this but somehow this year has gone fast for me and trust me when I tell you that I have been indoors most of the time for different reasons. Even when we could go out, I was in, but I won’t bore you with it.


So, what have I been up to that has kept me so excited loving life and away from you?

I have been creating great content, study a lot and taken this time to better my skills and myself.  I have completed 3 courses that for years I wanted to do and never had the time. 

NLP master practitioner, NLP trainer/ facilitator and Executive coaching advance techniques. Outstanding teachers that were not randomly chosen, I had my eyes on them for years; the best of the best. I have learnt tons as well as the Joy of meeting a lot of new professionals and amazing humans, now some of them my friends.

I have finished a couple of projects and Homeworks for my courses. I have done some video content for a couple of companies as part of their wellbeing program to support women in banking. And I have been seeing when I could, those who inspire me the most, clients.


I had study to pass my British citizenship exams; passed and already have the passport in my hands. Now I have two passports, aren’t I lucky?

As you know I have written a book, and for a while I was getting it finetuned. Well, today I have finished designing the cover for it which has given me great Joy; I can’t wait to share it with you.

 Some people have asked me: “When is the book out?” Delay this year was inevitable and acceptance was necessary. Although timings matter, what is important is not when, but the what it is happening soon. It is with much Joy that my book, your book “Live & Love – the way to a life of Joy” will be out at the beginning of February at the latest. “And what is it about?” It is an invitation for you to take action, thrive, accomplish, connect and live a life that excites you. A life designed on your terms full of passion, Joy and Zest.

Let me share with you, that all the above are not just things I have done or accomplished to keep myself sane and busy. They are dreams come true. Carefully well thought intentions that I set few years ago, backed by Actions that I have taken to materialize all of them. Needless to say, sacrifices were made as well. Yes, it was all worth it, -Why? because you matter, and it is you who inspired me to walk this talk so in turn you get inspired too to take your actions to manifest the life you want to live and love.

A friend brought to my attention today, how when I spoke to her about what I have done this year, I spoke with love and pride. It is true, I am full of love and pride. It is not the certificates or the tittle which don’t make me any wiser, the knowledge and experiences I had is what matters. I am proud because I looked back and saw the journey, I have made to walk the talk. When looking back I had the vision and certainty that you too can make your dreams come true. You too can materialize the life you desire; that if I can, you can, anyone can. 

Can you imagine you living the life you love? Creating the things, you had in mind for longtime? Taking the steps to take charge of your life? I believe and know you can. And what is the difference that makes the difference for you to get there? In other words what are the abilities and competences that you will need on? Clarity, will, empowerment, determination and passion. A real compromise with yourself and your life to walk the talk. All these things, you already have them.” How am I so sure?” I here you are asking. 

This year’s catastrophes are showing us if anything, the many abilities we have and how flexible and resilience we are. If in the middle of a pandemic loosing things right, left and center; dealing with grief, trauma, illnesses and general confusion, we have managed to adjust and innovate so fast. Can you imagine what we can do? What you can do? I can. 

Pandemic or not, know that you have all you need to evolve, change and succeed. Please know you’re not alone, we are all in this together. This is something that it is affecting all of us regardless of age, sex, culture or religion. And together, believing in ourselves and what we can do for one another, for humanity, we will pull through to a better life and better future.


I don’t have an explanation for the many things that are happening to us all, but One thing I do know, Life is never meant to be understood, it is meant to be lived. And in this life that you are meant to Live, you are the driver on this Journey. It is time now to Jump from the passenger seat into the driving seat of your life. It is time to take actions that will support you to Live & Love, and not just the way you have been told, rather the way you love. 


Let me leave you for today with an extract of my book. A taster of what there is to come and an invitation for you to take action.

“And what if…?” Doubt said

“Bad things will happen” Fear spoke

“I can handle it,” Trust said.

“If you don’t believe in me, who will?” Replied my inner self.

“Trust always. Trust in me,” I demanded, I am the driver on this journey.


Live & Love



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Whenever you have time, share the Love. 

I will be back soon.