If not now, when?

Mindset Change – Healing Your Mind and Body Podcast

Paul is a dynamic coach who host a fabulous podcast which is full of wisdom, golden nuggets, and superb meditations that I have been doing. Check it out

I had fabulous time talking to Paul Sheppard host of the Mindset change podcast. We talked about what Mindset change is, how we mustn’t do things at all costs because they will cost us to much in a long run and my book Balance, living a life true to yourself.

Marina Fernandez Julian is a Brighton based NLP practitioner, trainer, Coach, and author of Balance – Living a life true to yourself. She is talking with Paul Sheppard about her journey and discusses why with one life and one shot we need to live a life true to ourselves. Life is about living with zest, love, commitment and self-awareness and Marina is an inspirational guest who shares why although love is hard we all need to love, dream, and live to our potential