10 Things I have learnt this year that will support you on the year to come

Hey There!

It is easy to remind ourselves of all the many things we have missed this year and although it is all true, we have also shed a light in few things. Resources, insights and abilities that we did not know we had or maybe we did, and we chose to ignore. Now, and for some time to come, we will continue to lean on them as another supporting tool. As universal beliefs and resources to draw from when needed. Let’s not forget.

  1. Freedom is in the mind and so is happiness.
  2. Humanity’s second name is resilience, we will rise.
  3. Together we do it better.
  4. Living and Loving are universal needs.
  5. Never underestimate the power of smiling with your eyes.
  6. You have within you all the resources you need and this year you understood what that famous sentence means.
  7. We don’t need years to change something, it has taken no time to change the world.
  8. Ask, more than ever, If you don’t ask you don’t get. We are all here to help.
  9. Fear is designed to control you, think before you buy into it.
  10. Take a leap of Faith, Love will always prevail.