Living unapologetically happy

Back from a very relaxing summer, I have notice how difficult it is for all of us to relax, let our hair down and fully enjoy what is given and at hand. We live on half gas, thinking everything good, is bad. Even the simplest things like eating, drinking, time off, having sex or napping can take us on a horror ride thinking we are being too lazy or too indulgent and feeling endlessly guilty for having, for not having; for doing or not doing.

Happiness comes in many ways, at times is in front of our eyes, so close we are scared to look. We can almost smell it, touch it and then without warning, we start running away from it.

We push it out, in disgust, as if we were to accept such a joy in life we would end up in hell. Our minds are full of doubts screaming at us:

• Is this addiction?
• Am I being lazy?
• Do I have too much?
• Is this necessary?
• Don’t laugh you will end up crying for sure !
• A minute on the lips, a life time on your hips

The list goes on, and on.

We need to find the courage and the nerve to say f**k-off to the way we are dictated to by society, to live unapologetically happy, without feeling guilty if we want to really live.

Put all of our senses to work and allowing them out to play.

It is saying “yes I do,” “yes I have a compromise with life” and “yes I can live without feeling guilty” or worrying about me becoming addicted or putting kilos on.

We do know best, but we don’t trust our instincts and inner voice enough for guiding us into what is good and what is not, what is right and what is excess.

Today have the courage to love and celebrate, this might mean I am not reading my emails for the next hour or I am going to have a 20 minute nap or I am going to make time for romance with my partner.

How many of you feel or felt that you don’t have time for sex? That you should be doing something else rather than sun bathing or watching a movie, felt guilty about having a dessert, the ice cream, the cheeky cocktail, feel that in your free time must go to the gym or do charitable work or work some more. Do some house work or a project in the shed and fill till the last second of your existence?

When we allow that to happen what are we telling our children or society?

What are we Saying yes to?

What is the message?

That relaxing, taking time off meeting friends and family making time for sex and not running 24/7 is for lazy people.

That unless they also do that they won’t be accepted.

They are the trash of the universe if they want to have fun, have a childhood and relax on the sofa after a hard week?

And do we want our kids, and families feel this way? Or do we want them to have fun, enjoy their families and enjoy happiness as it comes?

There are many ways of showing love and respect for ourselves. Teach by example, be the inspiration we all want to see .

Happiness, joy and life does not last forever.

Give yourself the right to be happy and not apologise for it.

This means no running away when life is good and bath in the sunlight for as long as it lasts.

With gratitude