I love you, whatever!

Today, a long standing client said “I love you whatever”. What he meant was “I love myself whatever today”, whether I am achieving great things or not. Worts and all, even in a day where I have been a shit when I don’t even deserve to be loved, I love me.

I love me without having to prove my value every single day, be more or do more.

It is when we accept we are not perfect, that we love everything about ourselves, with no conditions, we achieve inner peace and live in the moment.

When we know that we accept ourselves, we stop searching for things outside ourselves, the fear and anxiety of not being enough and being judged only for our achievements vanishes.

We stop bringing ourselves down with negative thoughts, stop making ourselves and our entire world guilty for what happened to us.

We feel safe, big, trustful; allowing a bigger version of ourselves to come out to play.

Creativity comes and so do actions with no pressure. Instead of seeing everything in state of wonder, we become open to give and receive, we make things happen

Why, what has happened?

When we love ourselves, faults and all, we are validated for what we are and not for what we bring. The validation that has no hidden agenda, that only unconditional love can bring.

Tell your children that you love them whether they pass their exams or not.


Tell your partner that you love them even if they can’t afford what you want. Tell them even if they make you mad at times.


Tell your friends that you love them even if they did not behave well the other day.


And most importantly scream it out loud at yourself; not just today when you need it. Not just today when you did a lot, achieved a lot, but every day of your life.


“I love me whatever” is like putting together the seams of special dress that you have created  that was just a piece of fabric, but it’s now ready to take life and astonish the world with its magic.

In order for others to value us and see our worth, we first need to value ourselves.

You might have not heard this from your parents when you needed it, maybe you never will but it’s your responsibility to validate and love yourself. Shout out “I love me, whatever”.

Love and Gratitude