Living a life with meaning

The dream of designing – Javier Lévon

At the age of 11 Javier Lévon  dreamed of being a fashion designer.

He would look at fashion magazines bought by his mother and then draw his own ideas of what beauty meant for him.

When he mentioned to his mother that he wanted to be a fashion designer he was quickly quietened as it wasn’t a stereotypical career for a man of his time or his town.

Many years later  he decided that it was time to follow his dreams, accept his purpose and give meaning to his life, breaking all of societies constraints.

When I asked him what took him so long he said “even when knowing who we are, it takes  time to accept the challenges that comes with it and the fact that dreams also grow and evolve”.

He did not travel an easy road and leave to persue his dreams elsewhere but succeed in  his own town, the beautiful Granada in Spain.

To fast-forward, today Javier brings beauty to what he describes as the force that moves the world around, women. Arranging fashion shows and doing what he know best designing dresses for women from all corners of the world.

Javier Lévon is a perfect example making a dream come true. Following a dream is not easy. Not giving up is putting yourself outside your comfort zone every single day.

The reward?

Fulfilling your life’s purpose. Living a life with meaning, feeling joy and gratitude as a result.

Life is for the dreamers that dare to push themselves till their power emerges.

Loving what you do and living your life’s purpose is success.

Add family and friends to that combination and you end up with happiness.

The dream continues ………..

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