Would you like more mental freedom? Declutter your life!

March is here. The days are longer, we are starting to see some gorgeous sunsets here in the South East of England .

For me, March is the month of decluttering and letting in the new spring energy and discarding what isn’t needed. Imagine your life, head, soul and body as a room that is full to the brim with people, it is difficult to breath and it’s oppressive, it can enduce fear, anxiety and claustrophobia.

To let the sunshine in our life we need to make space in this room.

This space is not created by buying more rooms rather by making space, decluttering is what we need.
We change our skin, our nails, hair, our body discards naturally what is not needed. To keep holding on to things shows signs of neediness and fear and a mind stuck in the past. Start by getting rid off the people, things, emotions in that room that are not needed.

Get rid of old clothes that you have not even looked at this winter. Open windows as much as you can.
Get rid of unwanted meetings, unnecessary appointments , empty your diary of social functions.

Everything that does not serve you has to go.

Free your life of unnecessary friends that do not add anything to your life and only and drag you down.

Free yourself from unwanted thoughts and resentments that keep taking you to the past.

Free yourself from needing to control (you never actually control anything, this is the biggest truth you are ever going to hear).

In winter we try too look for comfort, warmth and a sense of safety. We end up buying a lot of things from products to clothes, food and furniture but by the summer these thinks have lost their meaning.

Refresh wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

Move your furniture around, I highly recommend it .

You will feel that not only you are not spending money you get rid of a lot of things. Refresh the house, find things that were forgotten; its a prefect opportunity for a good cleann to change the energy in the house.

Everything becomes lighter and with it your mood and your mind changes.

Do the same with your skin start getting it ready for summer. Take walks to start enjoying what nature has to offer.

The benefits of decluttering are endless, stress levels decrease, w become more creative and spiritually grounded. Emotionally life becomes easier, more clear. Our mind sharpens, we are less stressed and feel more content without having to change ourselves.

Remember it is you who chooses, the power is in you, use it to your benefit.
Declutter, unburden and discard to have more freedom, more energy and peace.

Love and gratitude



Photo by: Allef Vinicius