How to maximise your life

Oranges in the summer

Hello There,

I have got exciting news for you….

I have been missing you, big time this year.

As you probably have noticed I have been quieter than normal on this website, me quiet! that is a first.  Trust me when I say, it has taken a mighty force for me not to speak to you as you have been in my mind more than ever and this is why: I have been really busy creating something very powerful for you that I think you’ll love.

Today I am bursting with excitement and I can’t hold it any longer, I need to share it with you before I burst.

I have been writing a book for you!

Yes, for you. I thought how I can reach you, that you are busy and don’t have time or maybe you are far away and can’t come to see me or  find that taking the next step is really difficult or whatever it is that prevents you from having an extraordinary life.

Writing this book for me is more than becoming an author.

This book for me means making an impact in your life and be part of changing your world and support you on having an extraordinary life, which is what I know is without a doubt, my mission.

Over the years I read a lot of books on self-knowledge, awareness and coaching and I felt that although I learnt a lot, sometimes the language was full of complicate words that never meant a thing to me. I am a great believer that if things are too complex, they don’t reach our hearts, heads and souls. We never learn the important message in it and somehow the meaning gets lost in the words.

My desired to serve you have become bigger than my fears to computers or writing in English as it is my second language. One day I decided that I won’t rest until you hear the message of my book for you live the life you are meant to be, a life full of life, wonderful things and connection.

My book is about how to maximise your life and its possibilities, getting everything, you want without having to lose yourself on the way and rather live a life of joy and connection.

This book will change your standards of living, it will change the way you see your life and what you think you deserve.

I have put my heart and soul in writing something for you that I know, can make your life easier, more productive, and more fulfilled.

I have just finished writing it and at the moment, it is the hands of expert’s readers to make sure I will provide you what you deserve, the best.

I have also been working on my teenager’s self-growth program and I am delighted to say The Giant Child Program is now at schools. I am more than happy to know that teenagers are going to be able to have the tools that some of us acquire when are 40 or 50 years old, after a lot of hard work and hardship.

I am beyond excited about this program and passionate is understatement.

I remember being the teenager, feeling lost and in a fog, and I feel honoured to be part of changing the lives of teenagers in this busy world.

In between, I had been busy with my regular clients, collaborations, social media, a family to attend and holidays to enjoy.

I promise not to leave my connection with you for such a long time again as you mean the world to me and if you don’t hear from me soon text me, call me and demand my attention. As for now know that you are not forgotten, rather, you are being my priority and I am working on providing you with a gift.

Hoping to speak to you very soon, till then, live a zesty life.

Live and love,

If not now, when?

Much love,