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The Giant Child


Marina Zest for life

With busier schedules than ever, overwhelmed by physical possessions and unlimited content on the media; in a world that connects everything together, our kids are suffering from disconnection and confusion about who they are or who they need to be. This deluge of Information and pressure can clip their wings of creation and success. They are unsure on what to do  to shine their brilliance.

I have created this workshop with the intention of providing our children with wings. Give them the ability to shine their brilliance. Gain acknowledgement of who they are, how to use their power and its potential. Provide them with clarity of where they’re going and where to focus, to maximise their full potential. To be able to stand with two feet firmly on a ground which celebrates worth, pride, choice and confidence daily.

The Giant Child - Child Coaching Programme

My belief

Every child deserves to be happy, whatever their circumstances.

To feel safe, self-confident, supported and wanted. Most importantly every child needs to understand who they are and why they can be proud of themselves every single day whatever the day brings. This workshop gives them the tools to do this and the permission to celebrate  their lives.

My reasons

I am mother of two and I have seen doubts and uncertainty in the faces of my children. They are loved, wanted and celebrated, yet at times they cannot see the same.

Their fear of being inadequate and of not to being up to standard. The constant pressure of the media on them for perfection.The fog of not knowing how to turn  their dreams into reality.

As frustrating as it is we all have seen this at some point in our children’s faces.
Our words as parents sometimes fail to pass on the message, even with so much love we try to convey.

Our hearts break a little when we think we can’t do any more.

I had to take some action

Do something about it, not only for my children but for the adults of the future, and our future generations.

How I could help and what could I provide?

Providing them with the tools to shine their brilliance.

This is how the “Giant child” was born.

I tested it with my  daughter and her  friends. Children that in spite of their effort and their goodwill are holding life’s possibilities and themselves back. ”They have it all” I thought but now they need to understand themselves so they can swim and navigate under water. My gift to them is to teach them at a young age so they will be naturally confident from the inside out before their adulthood.

When I asked the children how they would like to feel at the end of this program this was their individual answers: “success, pride, confident.”

These are the words they came out at the end of the programme:
Proud, success, calm, released, less fume, powerful, happy, in control, big and confident.

Life is gifting me with a huge reward; seeing them blooming, thriving, celebrating their lives.

I am committed and passionate to offer our children, the children of this world, the tools and strategies to bloom. To feel they are succeeding, to have the confidence to deliver and above all FOR THEM to feel proud of themselves, the way we are so proud of them.

After all, your world is an oyster only if you know how to swim and navigate under the water.

This is for every child who is unsure how to navigate through the world.

For those who know the theory yet the penny hasn’t dropped.

For the teenagers and pre-teens who don’t realise they can choose, and each choice opens them up to new possibilities.

Those who can’t celebrate their differences, the worriers, the ones that listen to fear.

The ones who can’t remember they have support everywhere to help them feel confident and proud of themselves.

Children who are fast at decision making yet not seeing any results.

For the ones who need to understand that with commitment and repetition you get the results.

Who can benefit?

The number one star of this program, the children of course.

Parents willing to give their children a helping hand providing them with the fish oils of life.

For schools, as part of the PHSCE curriculum, or extra curriculum activity.

For teachers who understand the importance to empower our children with strategies for success.

How is this workshop delivered?

“The Giant Child”  is mostly experiential learning. We use a wide variety of training techniques. Story telling, acting, painting therapy, clay therapy, music, descriptions, short meditation, analogies and more. This program subject is very serious yet the practice is only  fun.

Programme Outline

We are all different
From fixed mindset to growth mindset

From ideas to action to results
Pressure release
And of course LOVE

“Let’s not forget to love those who we love”

The Giant Child

Marina Zest for Life


A truly remarkable experience for my daughter and for me too.

I contacted Marina as Father of two children. My daughter, the youngest, was having challenges with School and accepting the complexities of her parents separating. Whilst she has a strong character, she struggled with the new structure and her friendship groups. Marina helped my daughter realised what she had and who she was. She reminded her she had an armoury of strengths and putting them together with patience was all that was needed. My daughter enjoyed six sessions face to face followed up with notes that Marina provided remotely. A truly remarkable experience for my daughter and for me too.


Kerry Richardson

Since my sons time with Marina, working with the Giant Child programme I have noticed remarkable differences in both his confidence, his ability to accept himself, his positivity and his attitude to work and life in general. When combined these things start to alter how he is perceived by others, so is getting on better with his peers. His improving work ethic helps get praise from teachers, which in turn makes him feel better, and he then wants to work harder. His mood is better as he’s less stressed about his work and getting into trouble. Being a teenager today is extremely difficult, Marina has given Ben the tools he needs to thrive, we couldn’t be happier.

-Kerry Richardson

Martha English

I took Florence to see Marina because she had some school problems at the time as well as some emotional insecurities . She lacked of confidence, direction and was a bit confused, scare to speak up, upset . Marina showed her some strategies to calm herself down when needed. Find comfort and feel safe ,as well as working on her feelings and her perception of the world. Since then Florence is a lot of more confidence, approach the school with excitement in spite that she is doing her mocks GCSE at the moment, and when she gets nervous now she knows what to do . She is driven and motivated,loves herself lot more, Believes she can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it and feels calmer it does not matter what goes around. Marina’s energy,passion love for her subject and enthusiasm is contagious I would most definitely recommend Marina as part of your child development. I now can see Florence thriving as well as enjoying herself.

-Martha English

Nikki Sanderson

Marina's 'Giant Child Workshop' has made a huge difference to our daughter, Lily. It has helped increase her confidence both personally and at school. She has learnt through the workshop to believe in herself and that she has the ability to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to. She now takes more responsibility for her homework and revision. The workshop has given Lily a new found sense of being. We cannot recommend the 'Giant Child' Workshop enough.

-Nikki Sanderson

Franchesca Hamptons

When children feel valued and accepted and confident to what is required they develop high self esteem. When they think great things about themselves and understand what to do when they aren't feeling so good they can achieve success . When they feel able to make mistakes and understand why they learn more than a child who does not. That is the gift a giant child gives to our children and I see a happier and more confident young man emerging from my anxious son. I will without hesitation be bringing my young daughter to the course when she is the right age. Marina is fabulous with the children .

-Franchesca Hamptons

Girl – 15 yearss

Girl - 15 years

What did I feel like when I first came in: - no confidence - unhappy - upset - angry - a lot of anxiety How Marina made me feel during the proccess: - welcome - confident - happy - calm What I think I have gained: - self confidence - self belief - gained techniques that will always help me How do you feel now? - love myself - happy - confident - believe in myself


Boy – 15 years

Boy - 15 years

When I first came in I felt stressed and thought the world was against me. I wasn't very happy because of reasons I thought were out of my control. Marina made me feel calmer and more focused and that I can achieve what I want to achieve. I have gained valuable techniques to de-stress and make myself happier. These have helped me a lot. Now I feel happier, calmer and more in control.


Boy – 12 years

Boy - 12 years

I’ve also needed to concentrate on something ( my finger) for a minute. Mindfulness. I’ve learned to pick the right path I would recommend it to 12 to 15 year olds cos it sets you up for life. It gives you the tools to deal with things.


Girl – 12 years

Girl - 12 years

I have learned to be confident in myself, powerful, I have overcome my fears adn learnt not to care about what others think about me. The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 exercise made my days a lot more productive and efficient.


Girl – 12 years

Girl - 12 years

I have learned that there is a way around fears and worries and nothing is going to stop me. I felt that I could trust Marina and I can tell her any private information.


Girl – 12 years

Girl - 12 years

Marina's workshop has inspired me to get into the crowds and know that I can do it. I feel happy, positive, confident and strong, really big.


Girl – 12 years

Girl - 12 years

I feel I have gained confidence, I feel proud of myself and that I will succeed. I have learned that everybody is different and that is good to celebrate. It is good to know who you are.


Boy – 12 years

Boy - 12 years

I’ve gained self confidence and that perseverance is a good thing. I’ve learned to keep trying whatever to get results. I have used the fingers crossing change thing a lot and I have turned on my lasers this week .