All I want for Christmas is to slow down

The biggest gift I have given myself in 2017, without a doubt, is slowing down.

Slowing down my words, my thoughts and my actions.

Slowing down how many social events do I go to; how many things I do during the day and how fast I do them. How many people I see, how many emails and how much social media I read.

I have stopped wanting the tomatoes to ripen over night, I have stopped wanting to be there for everybody. I have abandoned the idea of feeling guilty over everything (what a silly emotion guilt is).

Guess what happened as a result? I have more time back in return which makes me feel happier.

I now live in a state of presence; I stop to smell the roses, I can look with the curious eyes of a child, everything I do is as if it was my favourite lollipop.

I learn…, oh I learn a lot more than before, I am more receptive, ready.

Now let’s explore this, how would having more time make you feel?

It Is amazing how much we miss when we let time dictate our lives.

How badly we treat ourselves for not having more hours in a day, and how much happiness we steal from our own bank of peace.

The thing is, we can choose!

It is what we choose that makes the difference in our lives.

Nowadays, I achieve a lot more than I use to. I don’t wind myself up and the added bonus is, I don’t get overwhelmed.

I am in state of constant creation because I have that time; the time I did not have before in spite of doing so much. I feel grateful, very grateful.

So when writing your Christmas list consider yourself a little And ask:

How important am I to me?

And if you get the answer right ask from Santa some ”slow down”.

If the answer to the question is not a lot, perhaps consider to book a session with me. We will increase that love and your response to the world will change.

All I want for Christmas is slow down and you of course.

With love and gratitude.

Happy Christmas