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The Confident Me

Confidence is the sexiest thing you will ever wear!

The confident me, are you looking for this?

Perhaps you had it once and lost it? Do you want strong self-esteem, confidence, self-believe, power to co-create your life. Clarity, harmonious relationships between heart, head and soul. Joy, Zest for Life.

Marina Zest for life


Well ... you are in the right place

We all know intuitively, there is much more to our power that meets the eye.

We want to give and receive. Succeed and be happy and more often than not we work for it, yet something fails along the way.

Maybe we didn’t give it long enough we gave up and came up with all sorts of excuses of why it did not happen and this left you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

The most important questions to ask ourselves are:

How much do I want this?

What am I willing to do to make this happen?

What is holding me back?

Who is my worst enemy?


If you are still reading this let me share this with you:

It is not lack of time that fails us. It is lack of self believe, confidence and trust in our abilities, trust in who we are.

It is fear to take the next step.The sense of not being enough, inadequate. The thought of doing this alone and not find the strength and support we need.

We revisit our past stories too many times giving our power away. We are not giving ourselves a chance, yet we are so supported with others .

We worry about what others can think , trapping us in a life that we don’t really want. In a person that is not really us and in a mind that does not serve or help us.


If you knew you have the power, the confidence, clarity, believe, the power and the stamina …

What would you do?

How would your life be different from the one you are living now?

I can help you reach that point where you feel strong and comfortable enough to do it.

Where you will walk the talk, and have a lot of clarity to know where is it that you are going. No pain, just freedom.


Everyone that I have worked with from different walks of life revealed to me the same things. They never regretted what they did and came out wrong. What they regret hugely to the point of not being able to enjoy life is what they did not do.

Their biggest regret is, not following that call. That feeling in your tummy that you ignored telling yourself it was a silly thought; you could not do it, or had not time.

Even if you failed is better than not ever knowing. You are worth the risk and so is your life and the many possibilities it can bring. I was like you at one point in my life.I took the decision, this is not who I wanted to be. Not want I want to give, neither what I want to receive. Now I am at peace with my heart and mind; I live an incredible life, giving and receiving exactly what I want and more than anything living and enjoying life to the max, having fun and celebrating.

As I was one of you, I have designed this program with you in mind and I know that you will be so happy you took the risk. Are you still here?

Fab, this is for you then.

We are going to have great fun, we are going to be cheeky and laugh. We are going to bring your life back to live. To reignite the passion within. The Zest for Life that makes us achieve anything, bringing your life back to life.

In the confident me you will gain:

  • Strong self-esteem, confidence, clarity power to co-create your life.
  • Harmonious relationship between heart, head and soul. Joy, Zest for Life.

3 sessions


2 hours 30 minutes every other week


Times to agree to suit everyone


Text support during the week


Small groups of 4 to give individual attention


Or one to one (different prices apply)

“Confidence is the sexiest thing you will ever wear”

The Confident Me

Marina Zest for Life